Simon Marshall


I started my Sim Racing Career in Assetto Corsa but then tried rFactor2 and I was hooked. All my spare time is spent racing and practicing for league sprint events over at This is where the Rookie Monsters team was formed back in February 2017 and have formed a friendly team who nurture drivers of all abilities and experience. My racing experience I guess started with TOCA2 on the Playstation One but nothing has really scratched that motorsport itch until rFactor2. I had a lot of fun on Project Gotham Racing online with Xbox but multiscreen Forza started me on this journey to PC Sim racing. I race in VR and could not even contemplate going back to 2D Having tried out the Lemans endurance event in season 1 over at we decided season 2 was a must and have entered 2 cars for the event. Why not follow our story and message us if you want to be part of a great team Facebook Youtube


Real Name: Simon Marshall

Age: 44

Nationality: British

Day Job: Detective

Driver Number: 73

Sim Racing Since: September 2016